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Frequently Asked Questions

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Install the extension by clicking on the Add to Chrome button and the extension will be added to your browser. Simple as that.
In the upper left corner, there is a Settings Button (first button), Favorites Button, Bookmark and Games. When you click on the Settings Button you can add or remove the features enlisted which are News (Appearing in the lower central area), Quotes, Weather and Date and Time – by just clicking at the green switch. You can do that as much as you want.
In the upper left corner, click on the Settings button and click on Backgrounds A drop menu will appear where you will have the option to put your favorite wallpapers in use just by clicking on the heart-shaped icon. You can reset this option by clicking on the Reset Picks button.
You can switch from Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit just by clicking at the number showing the degree in the upper right corner. Easy as that!
Access your favorite websites just by clicking at the star next to the Settings button
Access games by clicking on the joystick on the upper left corner
Besides from controlling your homepage through Settings, you can add/remove the news by clicking on the pointers above the news. Click on the pointers and it will go down. If you want to add it again, just scroll down and press the pointers again and the news will be back on your homepage.
We are sad to see you go! But we hope you found an extension better for you! Here is how you can remove this one. In the upper right corner on the Toolbar, you have a heart-shaped icon. Right, click on the heart-shaped icon and from the menu choose to Remove this extension. The extension will be removed from your browser.
Video Tutorial

We like to make things as simple as possible so we have created this short video tutorial.

Finally, watch this short video which shows the use of the extension and all the details about the features. Enjoy!